O-Cedar Microfiber Steam mop review

With adjustable steam level setting and lightweight design are the main USP of this steam mop. Without any chemical agent it kills 99.99% bacteria of floors. It takes only 20 second to come up with hot steam that helps in cleaning floors. Features and flexibilities are the points that led us to hit the “buy now” button while we browse for the best steam mop online. Every expected feature is included and in flexibilities it is the piece to see.

This mop is very easy to assemble and easy to use. It is lightweight. The steam heats quickly and cleans thoroughly. It will make you able to complete your entire floor quickly, and was surprised by the amount of dirt evidenced on the mop head when complete. You will appreciate that 2 mop heads are included, so one can be in the wash if the other is needed. You will be pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of an attachment that allows the mop to glide over and refresh carpeting, and was equally as pleasantly surprised with how the carpet actually did look nicer afterwards. Added bonus is that it is simple and light enough for your pre-teen to use when completing its chores. One constructive comment that we would offer is that we would like a slightly longer cord.  At just $67.49 it’s a good buy. It alone can complete the requirement of disinfectant and floor mops. Go with it, you will never be disappointed. Once you use this steam mop you will understand why this one is the best ergonomically designed steam mop in market right now.

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